Board Members


The Secretariat is headed by the Executive Secretary. Other key positions include the Head of Programs, Head of Finance and Administration, Policy and Advocacy Manager and Extension and Agribusiness Manager.


The board of SUGAM comprises individual growers and affiliate members. The individual growers are elected every three years. The first board of Trustees was elected in 2014 when the organization was established. The board members include Mr Frighton Njolomole (Chairperson), Mr Elod Kafaukoma, Mr John Chaima, Mr John Limani,  Mr. Willy Malizani, Mr Aubrey Meke Chilenje, Mr Douglas Mayenda, Mr Dings Mpota, Mrs Dorothy Yatina, Mr Gift Khonje.

The affiliate members are not elected and the organizations are:

  • Dwangwa Cane Growers Trust (DCGT)
  • Dwangwa Cane Growers Limited (DCGL)
  • Kasinthula Cane Growers Trust (KCGT)
  • Kasinthula Cane Growers Limited (KCGL)

The current board members are :

  1. Mr Frighton Njolomole (Chairperson)
  2. Mr Elod Kafaukoma
  3. Mr. Willy Malizani
  4. Mr Douglas Mayenda
  5. Mr Humphrey Sibale
  6. Mr Ronald Mitrozo
  7. Mr Wilfred Yohane
  8. Mr Robert Dziweni
  9. Mr Christopher Katopeka