All small-scale sugarcane farmers belong to a grower organization of their choice which is either an association or a cooperative. However there are also other independent farmers who have licenses to supply cane to Mills on their own. There are currently about 21 associations and cooperatives. These associations are referred to as first grade associations. The associations in Dwangwa and Nchalo formed regional associations, Lakeshore Cane Growers Association (LCGA) and Southern Region Cane Growers Association (SRCGA) respectively. The farmers in Salima will also form their own association. In Salima, there are three categories of farmers and these are small scale and medium scale farmers operating in the scheme under Green Belt Authority but also other individuals who have developed their own sugarcane fields in the communities surrounding the factory.

The regional associations also referred to as second grade associations formed the national association called Sugarcane Growers Association of Malawi (SUGAM). The apex body is the only recognized institution to represent sugarcane growers in Malawi.