Mission & Objectives


To protect, promote, serve and represent the interests of sugarcane farmers.



  • To protect and defend the interests and rights of sugarcane growers in Malawi
  • To represent sugarcane growers at both national and international forum
  • To negotiate the cane supply agreement with millers and any matters incidental to it.
  • To dialogue with and engage government and other relevant stakeholders on matters affecting sugarcane growers in Malawi.
  • To link sugarcane growers’ associations in Malawi with other business associations with mutual interests locally and internationally
  • To promote corporate governance among its member associations through the development & enforcement of governance standards
  • To strengthen collaboration and networking and enhance social and economic wellbeing among smallholder sugar growers in Malawi
  • To strengthen and enhance trade with all sugarcane industry stakeholders
  • To facilitate capacity building initiatives for sugarcane growers’ associations in Malawi.
  • To carry out any activities which are necessary and incidental to achieving its objectives